The following are documents pertaining to the mining ordinances in Houston County. Some of them were previously posted on the official Houston County website but have been taken down.

July 2015: Draft Mineral Extraction Mining Ordinance
minor modifications were made to this ordinance. Planning Commission Chair, Dan Griffin has set a public hearing for July 21 at 7pm in the basement of the Justice Center.

February 2015: Findings of Fact
Authored by Houston County Attorney, Sam Jandt supporting a ban 

Commissioner Kjome's Amendment to Prohibit Frac Sand Mining
Note: Commissioner Kjome presented this amendment to the board and asked County Attorney Jandt to review. Jandt did review it, and did not say the board couldn't do it. Commissioner Kjome had it posted on the County website. Then, Commissioner Schuldt had it taken off the website.

January 2015: Draft Mineral Extraction Ordinance (Version 2)
Houston County Planning Commission's Recommendation to the County Board of Commissioners
Note: The changes made in this version make it much weaker than the original recomendation of the Houston County Frac Sand Study Committee (see version 1 below).

January 2015: Draft Mineral Extraction Ordinance (Version 1)
Houston County Frac Sand Study Commitee's Recommendation to the Planning Commission

2014 Draft Mineral Extraction Ordinance