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FreeHoustonSand.com is an initiative of Families Resisting Energy Extraction (F.R.E.E.). We conserve Minnesota lands through education, outreach and action. Frac sand (silica) mining poses many concerns from economic, to health, safety and the environment. Find out about our organization, mission, methods, and current challenges in Houston County, MN  - Learn More

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Are you interested in learning more about the fight to ban frac sand in Houston County? Be part of a growing movement and hold our county government accountable.

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FRAC SAND Resources

SandPoint Times  is an excellent resource for those looking to learn more about the frac sand mining controversy in Southeast Minnesota. With nearly 50 pages, SandPoint Times covers a wealth of topics ranging from health & safety issues to economic impacts, and government news.

View this slide show about the dangers of frac sand mining.

Slide Show: “Last Chance to Talk Sand” 

Houston County Government

Frac sand mining expansion was held to a three year moratorium, and in February 2015 a public hearing confirmed that local residents favor a ban, but instead Houston County commissioners considered a new ordinance that would allow this dangerous activity.