UPDATE: Canadian Pacific crews work to clean up derailment

RENO, Minn. (WXOW-TV) - - (near La Crescent, MN and La Crosse, WI)

Canadian Pacific Railway is continuing efforts to clean up the 15 rail cars that derailed late Tuesday night. 

Crews have already transferred the soybean oil from three of the six cars that went into the Mississippi River. 

Friday Canadian Pacific worked to remove those three cars from the water and then began transferring out the contents of the three cars that remain in the water.

Canadian Pacific Representative Andy Cummings said that it will take several days before the spill is entirely cleaned up. He said two of the rail cars that went into the river had valves that were damaged causing soybean oil to leak 850 gallons into the river.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife is on scene to assist with the clean up. 

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