ACTION ALERT: New Frac Sand Ban Proposal to be Considered by Planning Commission at Sept. 29th, 2015 Public Hearing.

What: Public hearing to consider a new amendment to ban frac (silica) sand mining

When: Tues. Sept. 29 at 7 p.m.

Where: Caledonia, MN - Houston County Justice Center (basement) 306 S. Marshall St., Caledonia, MN

Why: F.R.E.E. fully supports Houston County Protectors' ordinance amendment to ban frac sand mining. We all need your help to attend the hearing and voice your support for a ban on frac sand mining in Houston County!

The Issue:  Three of the five County Commissioners failed to approve a ban ordinance in February of 2015. Since that failure, the county has been operating on the old outdated original ordinance. This new proposed ordinance amendment brought forward by the Houston County Protectors will protect Houston County from frac sand mining, while at the same time, allow current legal mining activities to continue.


Proposed Zoning Amendment to Section 27 – Mineral Extraction of the Houston County Ordinance –

Read the complete proposed amendment to ban frac sand mining here (proposed changes noted in red):


F.R.E.E. - Families Resisting Energy Extraction ( is one of the groups that opposes frac (silica) sand mining in Houston County.  F.R.E.E. supports Houston County Protectors efforts to propose this new amendment to ban frac sand.