County board approves 3 percent increase

January 06, 2016 5:00 pm  •  Craig Moorhead For the Houston County News

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By a 3-2 margin, the Houston County Board of Commissioners approved the enabling resolution for the county’s 2016 budget on Dec. 29.

Revenues are expected to total $29,195,104, with $29,450,113 in spending.

Finance director Carol Lapham said the latest estimates leave $255,009 of spending to come from the county’s fund balance, despite a 3 percent ($365,948) increase in property taxes. The 2016 calendar year will include an extra pay period for county staff, which equates to a 53rd and 54th week of salaries/hourly pay.

Commissioners Justin Zmyewski and Dana Kjome voted “no” on the resolution, while commissioners Steve Schuldt, Judy Storlie and Teresa Walter voted for approval.

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